Dr. Dorsey Kendrick: The Essence of Leadership
By Joe Zibell

Transforming an organization, instilling in it a new purpose, a new sense of vitality, is no small task. It takes vision, conviction and multiple skills including leadership, communication and management. For Dr. Dorsey Kendrick, her career path and life experiences have put her on the precipice of leading Gateway Community College into a new era  one that will not only benefit the region, but help her realize many of her own personal goals for the youth of this region, namely seeing them reach their true potential through education. Gateway is in the midst of moving into a new facility, with a targeted date of 2012. In the meantime, the school is expanding programs in allied health and nursing, and talking about creating state-of-the-art labs in the areas of business, science and information technology. To help support the move and development of the academic programs, Gateway is starting a capital campaign with a goal of $10 million. Whether people want to give financially, whether people want to give of their time, or whether people just want to be cheerleaders for the college, this is the time I need people to step up to the plate, and say What can I do to help make this initiative successful? said Kendrick. Everybody in this region will benefit from Gateway from being a comprehensive, innovative community college in downtown New Haven. Im looking for partners, a spirit of cooperation and collaboration, and for people who share my passion.

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