Why Using a Sponge To Wash Your Car Is Not Recommended

It may not appear to be an issue that most people wash their cars with a typical large sponge, but when you consider the options available, it becomes clear why there would be any alternatives at all.

Using a sponge to clean your paintwork will result in a slew of light scratches and swirl marks on the surface, which will eventually become noticeable. Even if you use a thorough pre foam & rinse procedure when washing your automobile, a small amount of dirt will inevitably remain on the surface. Although sponges are porous, the flat surface means that minute particles become trapped between the sponge and your car’s paintwork and are then pulled over the surface, resulting in fine scratching and swirling.

Lambs wool, microfiber, or a plush synthetic wash mitt are all safe alternatives to sponges while washing your car. In addition to drawing and holding water, these wash mitts also trap dirt at the base of the mitt and keep it away from your paintwork’s surface. They operate like a sponge. Softer fabrics are used to make wash mitts, whereas sponges are often more rough in their texture. Because they are mitts, they fit over the hand like a glove, giving the user greater control over the cleaning process and reducing the likelihood of the sponge being dropped on the floor.

Use a Wash Mitt

It is common to refer to the sound a sponge makes when cleaning as “squeaky-clean,” as though “squeaky-clean” is something to strive towards. Squeaking, on the other hand, is caused by friction between your sponge and the paint, which is the last thing you want when washing your automobile. You want as little friction as possible between your wash mitt and the paintwork in order for it to accomplish its job effectively. So, the next time you wash your car, instead of utilizing a sponge, opt for a high-quality soft wash mitt instead.

The best option when it comes to washing your car is to high a professional auto detailer, since all the tools required to get the job done right are expensive as well as being a time consuming project. Visit tans auto detailing to learn more about car detailing and schedule an appointment.

3 Convincing Reasons To Have Your Car Detailed

To begin, I’ll note that it doesn’t always make financial sense (depending on the age of your vehicle and how you use it). The most important thing you can do to prevent significant difficulties is to keep your vehicle washed (whether it’s in an automatic car wash or by hand), but detailing has advantages over anything most people try in the driveway.

Higher Resale Value

According to Lauren Fix, a representative for the Car Care Council, detailing your car can increase your resale value by up to $2,000 for mid-range automobiles. According to some estimations, detailing your vehicle both inside and out before selling it can help you get 15% more than the average resale price.

Maintaining the resale value of your vehicle throughout time

If you don’t regularly clean your vehicle, a professional detailing treatment can eliminate defects like minor scratches and some stains as long as there isn’t irrevocable damage like large rust patches on your body panels. On the other side, if you recently purchased a new automobile, having it detailed on a regular basis will merely make it easier to trade in or sell it within the first five years of ownership.

Are you thinking about selling your home? First, determine how much money is worth investing.

It may make sense to send your luxury vehicle to a body shop or, at the very least, to a detailer who specializes in sophisticated detailing techniques such as paint correction (i.e. swirl and scratch removal). Depending on what you need done, these services can quickly add expensive, although eliminating minor scratches is usually less than $500.n Unless your car is worth less than $10,000, having it detailed for $100-200 and earning an additional $500-600 is a no-brainer. However, spending too much money on paintwork, tinting, or anything else for a car that doesn’t have a lot of demand or market worth to begin with is unlikely to result in additional money in your pocket.

Washing and detailing helps protect your clear coat

The clear coat of your car is similar to your skin: it should be protected!

The purpose of detailing is to simply erase small flaws while also assisting in the protection of your finish from the elements. Consider the outside of a vehicle to be similar to skin. If you don’t moisturize or wash your skin, it will gradually fade and crack, leading to other issues down the road (no pun intended).

The clear-coat on automobiles works in the similar way. Applying a wax or sealer, either by yourself or by a professional detailer, is the greatest way to maintain your clear coat and paint finish.

If a car isn’t washed regularly, grime, salt, and other contaminants will eventually chip away at the clear coat. Once the clear coat has been compromised, impurities will attack your paint layer and eventually the sheet metal, resulting in rust. This will ultimately rust, especially in the ‘rust belt’ states of the United States or wet coastal areas.

Dirt and pollutant buildup on your clear coat might be dangerous.

Here are some of the things that wax and sealants can help protect you from:

  • Dirt and little rock fragments
  • Metallic particles in acid rain
  • Pollen Pollen Pollen Pollen Pollen Pollen Pollen Pollen Pollen Pollen Pollen

    Clear coats are much harder and more resistant to many of these contaminants than they were in the past, yet claying is required to remove everything from your clear coat. Claying is the only way to truly remove some compounds like metallic particles, thus any reputable auto detailer should be able to do this service.

Getting your car detailed is more convenient now than ever

Time is a valuable tool. You’re simply a click away if you don’t like washing or cleaning your car but still want the benefits of a car that looks shiny and glossy inside and out.

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