It may not appear to be an issue that most people wash their cars with a typical large sponge, but when you consider the options available, it becomes clear why there would be any alternatives at all.

Using a sponge to clean your paintwork will result in a slew of light scratches and swirl marks on the surface, which will eventually become noticeable. Even if you use a thorough pre foam & rinse procedure when washing your automobile, a small amount of dirt will inevitably remain on the surface. Although sponges are porous, the flat surface means that minute particles become trapped between the sponge and your car’s paintwork and are then pulled over the surface, resulting in fine scratching and swirling.

Lambs wool, microfiber, or a plush synthetic wash mitt are all safe alternatives to sponges while washing your car. In addition to drawing and holding water, these wash mitts also trap dirt at the base of the mitt and keep it away from your paintwork’s surface. They operate like a sponge. Softer fabrics are used to make wash mitts, whereas sponges are often more rough in their texture. Because they are mitts, they fit over the hand like a glove, giving the user greater control over the cleaning process and reducing the likelihood of the sponge being dropped on the floor.

Use a Wash Mitt

It is common to refer to the sound a sponge makes when cleaning as “squeaky-clean,” as though “squeaky-clean” is something to strive towards. Squeaking, on the other hand, is caused by friction between your sponge and the paint, which is the last thing you want when washing your automobile. You want as little friction as possible between your wash mitt and the paintwork in order for it to accomplish its job effectively. So, the next time you wash your car, instead of utilizing a sponge, opt for a high-quality soft wash mitt instead.

The best option when it comes to washing your car is to high a professional auto detailer, since all the tools required to get the job done right are expensive as well as being a time consuming project. Visit tans auto detailing to learn more about car detailing and schedule an appointment.